‘Billie’: New Doc follows both Holliday and the meticulous biographer who died before revealing his findings (trailer)

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*The first biographer to fully immerse herself in the world of Billie Holiday was a New York journalist and avid fan named Linda Lipnack Kühl. For about eight years in the 1970s, Kuehl interviewed everyone she could find who had a personal association with Holiday — musicians, managers, childhood friends, lovers and FBI agents among them, according to NPR. Then, before she could finish her biography, Kuehl died: in 1978, her body was found on a street in Washington, DC. His death was ruled a suicide.

NPR Reports:

Kuehl left behind a treasure trove of notes, transcripts and some 200 hours of tape interviews – mostly in shoeboxes, some labeled, some not. It was in these archives that director James Erskine began to piece together the story that Kuehl was never able to complete.

Her new documentary, “Billie” (out December 4 on VOD and in select theaters), is about both Holiday — told through the voices of people who knew her — and Kuehl’s obsession with crafting. of his biography.

Erskine describes Kuehl as “a brilliant interviewer” who tracked everyone down at different stages of Holiday’s life. “What was extraordinary was that it felt like an archaeological journey,” he says, “because we felt like we were digging up lost voices in the past.” These now deceased jazz vocals include Count Basie, Charles Mingus, John Hammond, Jo Jones and Sylvia Syms.

Watch the movie trailer below:

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