How to finance the purchase of a hybrid car?

Find out how to finance the purchase of a hybrid car and in particular how to take advantage of the best offers of the moment.

The new hybrid cars

The new hybrid cars

Nowadays, fuel cars have become almost obsolete. Fuel, as a source of energy propulsion for a car, revolutionized the XXth century, but today, environmental protectors have changed the course of things to favor the energy of electric propulsion.

In reality, it is better to reconcile between the two energies, fuel and electricity, in order to make a distinction. This choice is the most judicious with an invention called the hybrid car. Who says a new ecological solution says financial aid to help motorists buy their first hybrid vehicle.

If the aid can give a real boost, it should not be forgotten that the major part of the financing will be done by a car loan, either in the form of an assigned car loan or in the form of a personal loan. Several solutions are possible but it is important to compare the offers and simulate a loan online, this is done free of charge and without obligation.


The hybrid car, a wise and hybrid choice

The hybrid car, a wise and hybrid choice

A hybrid car contains two types of engines, one that can be powered by fuel and the other rechargeable with electric power.

Hybrid cars come in three different forms:

  • Mild Hybrid or slightly hybrid cars: The electric motor is the one that supports the fuel engine to propel a car.
  • Full Hybrid or fully hybrid cars: The electric motor can allow fully electric car propulsion and over very short distances.
  • Plug-in Hybrid cars or rechargeable hybrids: The battery can be rechargeable on an electrical network. The fuel engine takes over if the electric battery runs out.

How to finance the purchase of a hybrid car?


In December 2007, the Grenelle Environment made it possible to set up, in France, State aid which allows the financing of the purchase of cars, according to their degree of CO 2 emission. In reality, any car reducing its CO 2 emission benefits from a bonus, as in the case of hybrid cars.

Whether you are an individual, a professional or a community, you are entitled to assistance in financing a hybrid car. Moreover, funding aid for hybrid cars can go up to a reduction rate capped at 10% with a minimum of 2,000 euros and a reduction of a maximum of 4,000 euros.

Thus, if your hybrid car costs 10,000 euros, you benefit from a reduction of 2,000 euros, while if it costs 50,000 euros, the reduction benefit cannot exceed 4,000 euros, even after applying the 10% rate provided for in this case.

A hybrid car, as its name suggests, is a car that intelligently combines propulsion energy with fuel and electric energy to allow a unique experience on the road and financing advantages adapted to its nature given its reduced emission CO 2 and its environmental protection. For more information, see the special file on

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